December 27 – a Winter’s day


Invite the sun into my room

the silence of the holiday

A few birds chirp

I see no human

sundust fills the air

It’s one day after Christmas

Summer feels closer than snow

The year is old

I don’t believe

it feels already young and new


Only some minutes later

the sun has all gone

The clouds are back

so big and strong

The year is old

I close the door

Summer is somewhere

We have to wait a bit more

Weihnachten 2016 in Israel

Little Travelfant

Der Wecker klingelt um 6.40 Uhr. 5Minuten nach 7 Uhr komme ich in die Dining Hall gesprintet.

Ich folge der israelischen Zeit. Es ist selten, dass ich genau pünktlich komme. Dass stört niemanden hier. (Fast)

Wir treffen uns in 10min, kann auch heißen in einer halben Stunde oder gar nicht.

Zur Arbeit sollte man dennoch erscheinen.

Es ist Heiligabend, aber dafür zunächst keine Zeit.

100 jüdische Israelis strömen nach dem Morgengebet von der Synagoge in die Dining Hall. Viele der Männer tragen eine Kippa. Manche haben noch das schwarz-weiß gestreifte Gebetstuch um ihre Schultern hängen.

Im Saal sind überwiegend mehr Männer als Frauen, aber mehr kleine Mädchen als kleine Jungs.

Ich wollte nie im Leben Kellnerin werden, doch kellnern muss ich hier nicht. Die Gäste bedienen sich selbst am Buffet, das die koschere Küche vorbereitet hat. Mein Job besteht darin den Tisch zu decken, Teller und Schüsseln auf den Buffet-Tisch…

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I promise to never

underestimate you

I promise that I care

about the gifts

you have to share

I promise to see you

and help you walk

I promise to inspire you

to make you

dream and rise

I promise

never giving up on you

I promise

that we’ll fight

I promise that


this world becomes

a better


and don’t look back

see the days

that lay ahead


and thank

the light blue sky,

the sun that shines

straight in your eye


and listen

for the wind

the adventure

soon begins


and dream

as big and wide

as the mountains



and breathe

and sing and laugh

for the pleasure

here on earth

Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

I should like to rise and go
Where the golden apples grow;—
Where below another sky
Parrot islands anchored lie,
And, watched by cockatoos and goats,
Lonely Crusoes building boats;—

Where in sunshine reaching out
Eastern cities, miles about,
Are with mosque and minaret
Among sandy gardens set,
And the rich goods from near and far
Hang for sale in the bazaar,—

Where the Great Wall round China goes,
And on one side the desert blows,
And with bell and voice and drum
Cities on the other hum;—

Where are forests, hot as fire,
Wide as England, tall as a spire,
Full of apes and cocoa-nuts
And the negro hunters’ huts;—

Where the knotty crocodile
Lies and blinks in the Nile,
And the red flamingo flies
Hunting fish before his eyes;—

Where in jungles, near and far,
Man-devouring tigers are,
Lying close and giving ear
Lest the hunt be drawing near,
Or a comer-by be seen
Swinging in a palanquin;—

Where among the desert sands
Some deserted city stands,
All its children, sweep and prince,
Grown to manhood ages since,
Not a foot in street or house,
Not a stir of child or mouse,
And when kindly falls the night,
In all the town no spark of light.
There I’ll come when I’m a man
With a camel caravan;

Light a fire in the gloom
Of some dusty dining-room;
See the pictures on the walls,
Heroes, fights and festivals;
And in a corner find the toys
Of the old Egyptian boys.